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Benefits Summary

Emergency Department Practice Management Association
Your Voice in the Emergency Department Community

For information about membership dues pricing and for other EDPMA membership questions, please contact Joanne Tanner, Membership Coordinator, at jtanner@edpma.org or 301-351-8722.


EDPMA is a national trade association representing the practice groups, billing and coding companies, and others behind the quality care delivered every day in emergency departments across the country.   EDPMA members serve over half of the 136 million patients who visit emergency rooms in the U.S. each year.  Join EDPMA today and you will receive the following important benefits:

Successful Advocacy – EDPMA is your voice before Congress, CMS, State-level decision makers, and private payers on Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement, Quality Reporting, Documentation Requirements, Provider Enrollment, and more.  

Keeping You Informed
 – With Federal and State Governments busily implementing the Affordable Care Act and the private sector finding creative ways to take the lead, EDPMA keeps you up-to-date with:

1.      A Weekly newsletter of top stories on Emergency Care (ED Newsleader),

2.      A Monthly EDPMA Advocacy Newsletter summarizing EDPMA’s advocacy efforts and CMS, Congressional, and state-level activity,

3.      A Monthly EDPMA Membership Newsletter informing you about member activity, educational opportunities, work with coalition partners, and more,

4.      Monthly Committee Meetings providing a productive atmosphere for developing strategies for solving problems facing the industry,  

5.      Regular Email Alerts ensuring that you hear about key legislative and regulatory actions, court decisions, and guidance, and

6.      Updates to the EDPMA Website where you can access the information when it is convenient for you.  

 Cutting-Edge Educational Opportunities – EDPMA gives you:

1.      Solutions Summit: EDPMA’s premier annual conference,

2.      Webinars: where you can learn best practices, and

3.      Tool Kits: where you learn from those who already faced your issues.

Unique Opportunities to Network and Become an Industry Leader – EDPMA members regularly work together at committee meetings and conference calls, on state-level task forces, and when working with our many coalition partners.  Industry leaders work alongside newcomers, new leaders shine, and everyone’s contribution is greatly appreciated.


“EDPMA is an extremely nimble and responsive organization.  We utilize significant decision makers in each member organization, and routinely mobilize effective, large scale responses to burning issues and emerging concerns that affect emergency medicine care.”
Randy Pilgrim, MD, FACEP
Chief Medical Officer, Schumacher Group

“Our physician group has benefited immensely from our involvement as a founding member of EDPMA. The strong relationships we’ve developed over the years with industry leaders from across the country have enabled us to form a state coalition to advocate on behalf of emergency medicine in Texas. Our success at the state level is heavily influenced by the individuals we’ve known and the organizational structure modeled by EDPMA.”
Cheryl Conner, RN
Chief Executive Officer, Emergency Service Partners, L.P.
Member, EDPMA Board of Directors and Executive Committee

“It is impressive to see EDPMA members banding together to address issues that plague the business of emergency medicine.  Members put aside their competitive nature and work cohesively regardless of the size of their organization. Recently, our billing company had an issue with a large national insurance payer over an egregious audit for one of our emergency physician clients.  We were able to participate in the calls with the EDPMA State Regulatory and Insurance Committee and found we were not alone with the issue and that many members were facing the same problem with the payer.  The members all shared best practices and their appeal results.  This information was helpful when lodging complaints with the insurance commissioner in our State.  More importantly, we successfully overturned 100% of the audit findings in our appeal!

We are one of the newest members to the EDPMA organization; however, it took very little time to become acquainted with other members and benefit from all EDPMA offers.  Everyone I met at the Solutions Summit conference was genuinely interested in me and my role within my company.  It was easy to develop friendships and networking contacts.  As a result, I am able to perform and provide better results for my emergency physician clients and our company.”

Andrea Halpern
Account Executive, Client Relations, Ciproms


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