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Covid-19 Crisis Resources

We are posting information in chronological order so you can access recent news quickly: 

4/1/20 CDC ICD-10-CM Guidelines on Covid-19
3/31/20 Ways and Means Committee – COVID-19 Resources

3/31/20 EDPMA News Alert: CMS Releases Rule To Address COVID-19 Emergency
3/30/20 EDPMA News Alert: EDPMA Urges HHS to Distribute Funds to Emergency Physician Groups
3/28/19 CMS expands accelerated Medicare payments

3/27/19 Cares Act/Phase III signed into law: language, summary, physician provision summary
3/27/20 COVID-19 Testing

3/27/20 Disaster Primer
3/27/20 Federal Relief Overview
3/27/20 Health Care Workers on the Front Lines
3/27/20 Hospice and Palliative Care
3/27/20 Personal Protective Equipment
3/27/20 Physician Provisions
3/27/20 Small Business Resources
3/27/20 Small Business - Paycheck Protection 7(a) Loan Program
3/27/20 State Resources
3/27/20 Tax Provisions
3/27/20 Telehealth Overview
3/26/20 COVID-19 Medicare Provider FAQs

3/26/20 EDPMA News Alert: U.S. Senate Passes Phase III COVID-19 Response Bill

3/25/20 Article Explaining Business Loan Program in Phase III
3/25/20 AMA CPT Guidance on COVID-19

3/25/20 AHIP Blog Listing Plans Coverage for Testing and Telemedicine Policies
3/24/20 EDPMA COVID-19 Letter to Congress
3/24/20 CMS Approvals of State Waiver Requests
3/22/20 CMS Provides MIPS Reporting Relief
3/22/20 CMS COVID-19 Checklists and Tools for State Medicaid & CHIP Programs

3/20/20 EDPMA COVID-19 Lett to Pence on Regulatory Relief
3/19/20 CMS Approves Washington State’s Request for 1135 Medicaid Waivers
3/19/20 STATESIDE - COVID-19 2020 State Government Overview Report
3/19/20 CMS Approved Telehealth Services
3/18/20 EDPMA Summary of Coronavirus 2 Legislative Package
3/18/20 Memo on Federal Relief Packages 1 & 2
3/18/20 CMS Announcement on Delay in Adult Elective Procedures
3/17/20 EDPMA Update: Telehealth, HIPAA, Coding
3/17/20 CMS expands Telehealth for Medicare
3/17/20 CMS 1335 Medicaid Waiver Approval
3/13/20 EDPMA COVID-19 Article
3/13/20 AMA New CPT Code for COVID 19 Testing
3/12/20 CMS Add’l Guidance to Providers
3/10/20 CMS Guidance: here, here, and here
3/6/20 Coronavirus 1 Legislative Package
3/6/20 Coronavirus 1 Summary

3/6/20 CMS Coronavirus Lab Test Codes
3/4/20 CMS Guidance on infection Control
CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Virus Information
WHO COVID 19 Guidance


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