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Workshop on Out-of-Network Reimbursement, Jan. 19 & 20, 2017, Atlanta, GA

A Tremendous Turnout for EDPMA's Out-of-Network Billing Workshop

The Out-of-Network (OON) Billing Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 19-20, was a huge success with over 70 registrants! Hosting the workshop in Georgia, where legislators are actively considering limits on balance billing, gave EDPMA access to the experts in this area, including a Georgia state senator! 

When the workshop began, attendees learned how to access EDPMA's extensive OON Toolbox, including links to over 30 OON bills that were introduced in the first three weeks of 2017. Dr. Bing Pao covered the history of balance billing. Ed Gaines discussed model OON legislation. Trip Martin shared best practices when lobbying state legislators. Andrew Selesnick explained how to navigate the claims and appeals process for ERISA claims. And, Eric Hoffman, explained how to message the problem as a surprise insurance gap instead of a surprise bill. 

The second day started with a discussion of multi-specialty coalitions by Ed Gaines and Dr. Bing Pao. Jeremy Burnette and Tony Choe offered tactics for dealing with bad payers. Next, Georgia State Senator Chuck Hufstetler, Derek Norton, and Dr. "Chip" Pettigrew discussed the state of play in Georgia. Greg Hufstetler, Todd Link and Andrew Selesnick discussed litigation strategies including class actions, settlements, and more. Dr. Hamilton Lempert wrapped up the workshop with a presentation on unfair claims settlement practices. 

Everyone learned a great deal thanks to our generous speakers sharing their time and expertise. Don't forget - even if you were not able to attend the workshop - you can access a huge amount of out-of-network reimbursement resources on the Resources page of the EDPMA website including EDPMA's Talking Points and EDPMA's Chronology of Federal Activity.

Workshop Sponsors:

Lunch Sponsored by: Payor Logic, Inc.

Evening Reception Sponsored by: Martin Gottlieb & Associates, LLC

Breakfast Sponsored by: Zotec Partners


Thank you to all who presented, attended, and sponsored this educational workshop!


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